The Explorers

It all starts here

You have decided to accept the offer of Lord Thurgrove and set out to the office of the Steward you arrive to find the office closed and dark but you notice a message on the wall referring to the request you are inquiring about with several numbers hanging on a post beneath it with a sign saying take one to be recognized, you do so and are whisked away. The first thing you realize is nausea and dizziness overwhelming you when your head begins to clear the smell of jasmine drifts in to your nostrils. Your eyes begin to focus you realize you are no longer at the stewards office.

You all find your self in the courtyard of a rather Extravagant bar the entry way is framed with a beautiful trellis, it appears to be elven craftsmanship only a elf would spend the time required to make such delicate scroll work.The trellis is draped in jasmine that is just coming in to bloom.

The building it self appears to be made of only the finest materials. As you look around your eyes are drawn to the beautifully hideous gargoyles perched on the roof edge. The court yard begins to unfold around you and you notice there seems to be every exotic herb you can think of in mini green houses all around the court yard.

Around the courtyard people are seated on various benches conversing. As you attempt to listen in on the conversations all you can make out is unintelligible nonsense. The people conversing in the court yard seem semi translucent almost illusionary.

Inside the open doorway to the tavern it is a bustling with activity, patrons are gathered around a huge fire-pit sunken in to the floor from the size of it it seems the pit goes all the way in to the root cellar. The people are seated around the pit on what looks like trees cut in half like the Greek Theron.

The walls are filled with murals of adventures and there exploits, some of fame and fortune and some more morbid ones of death and destruction. The barmaids begin to come in to view and you realize they are some of the most beautiful barmaids you have ever seen and they all seem to look the same that cant be possibly ble so you push it out of your mind and head in to the bar.

Upon entering the bar you realize just how expansive it is to one side is the fire pit and beyond that there are at least thirty tables all with patrons, on the other side there is another only slightly smaller pit with people crowed around it chanting. As you peer a little closer you can tell that the pit is a ring and combat is going on in it. As you go to move toward the commotion you are approached buy a rather attractive looking half elf his blond hair flowing to his shoulders, his dark eyes let you know he has seen some things you never want to hear about but still seem gentle, his skin is soft bronze and his physique is toned but not unnatural and you can tell he is not afraid of hard work. " My name is Wrath welcome to my bar the green griffon let me buy you and your companions a drink will you have ale or wine?" " The steward will be out soon enough enjoy your self while you wait."

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